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The SHCA website remains operational during the final transition of the SHCA community to The Beryl Institute.  Current members are now part of The Beryl Institute community and have full access to the Institute resources for the term of their membership. 

Click here to be connected to The Beryl Institute.

Patient Advocates rely on the Society for Healthcare Consumer Advocacy of the American Hospital Association to provide up to date information and resources.

The SHCA Community:

  • Fosters relationships by giving you the opportunity to meet new people and exchange best practices through SHCA’s curriculum presented in the Domains of Practice™ modules, Annual Conference and regional chapter network.
  • Facilitates advancement to keep you abreast of the latest developments in healthcare patient advocacy while honing your professional skill set.
  • Inspires leadership that allows you to distinguish yourself as a trusted healthcare patient advocate.




Click here to listen to the Collaboration Webinar recorded on December 3rd at 1:00pm CST

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