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10 Brilliant Tips To Kick Off Your Freelance Copy Writing career

If you are working with an agency or you are starting as an independent freelance copywriter, you need to understand the tricks involved in the sector for you to get to the top in the business. The following 10 tips will help give you the right footing in the notch against all odds:

Portfolio And Other Basics

You must lay your foundation by starting with a digital portfolio through reputable sites like WordPress, SquareSpace, Krop, and several others. Creating your custom design will give you an edge.

Your Plan Of Actions

The plan of action will detail what you want to achieve for yourself and how you plan to go about achieving results. You must identify your goals as a freelancer; create a list of your potential clients; be an excellent communicator. Taking it further, what you expected to get in revenue in the week or month should be targeted. How much time will you spend working? What time do you have for yourself? All the above must be included in your plans for action.


You must decide on your rates from the word go. Are you charging per project or hour? There should be no changing of the goal post here because clients will frown at that. Choose a rate that will take care of your needs.

Your Writing Samples 

This is also a must because clients will request samples. Are you new and have no samples of your own? You need not bother because you will get relief through spec ads. 

Freelance Contract

There is a need to have a freelance contract in place before the first client calls. This freelance contract is key to the success of freelancers and should be handled with the seriousness it deserved.


You must go into serious networking if you want to get the visibility that mattered. Network among the locals around you and extend it to online groups which will push your cause far and wide. Make sure that your LinkedIn profile remains active 24/7.

The Buzz

You need to sort of blow your trumpet here because nobody will do that for you. Creating a buzz will enhance your success as a freelancer. Relevant hashtags posted to the right pages or groups will connect your work with the right people. 

Connect To Big Players In The Industry

Do not be afraid to seek help from relevant quarters. Show courtesy and respect in your approach and you are most likely going to get a positive response from them. They started like you and will most likely give you the audience.

Go For The Clients

A hunter hunts for the game. You are expected to go all out to look for agencies for freelance work or pitch your service directly to small agencies. The smaller advertising agencies will offer you the best results.

Online Portfolio

This is your image and the way you handle it will send either the right or the wrong message to your prospects. Make sure you update it regularly to reflect your status and current ability.

Final Take

The above represents all that you need to put in place for you to rise to the top as a freelance writer.