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Hacking Content Mills

A content mill is a company website that provides cheap website content by paying meager rates to writers. 

When Freelance writers are starting, they write for content mills. The freelancers are new, and these opportunities are among the most straightforward jobs to get in online writing. The mills often lack writers because they pay less as compared to the going rate. The writer’s reputation will also suffer a great deal with legitimate media companies to have their name associated with a content mill.

How do you grow from writing to mills?

The strategy

  1. Improve your skills as a Freelance Writer
  • Write Better
  • Get Faster
  • Research Efficiently
  • Look for Direct Orders 
  1. Own a Website or build one
  • Expert Blog
  • Master SEO 
  • Copy Writing 

Step 1: Improve your Speed and Quality of work

To increase your speed, do a lot of practice. Within a month of training, your rate of writing can double. With the improved speed, they assign you different jobs on different levels. Different levels have different pay. If you advance your speed, you will proceed to higher levels. Apart from speed, improve your quality. To grow, you need writing and grammar quality. If your grammar quality is good, your productivity increases, and you can move higher in the platform, which means more pay.

On a mill like TextBroker, a slow beginner and the quality of work is not good and can earn $10 an hour. But if one manages to rise to the top level, which has a higher pay rate. One can earn $24 – $30 hourly.

Step 2: Do Your Research Properly

To write a credible article, you need to have enough information. To achieve this, you have to spend a lot of time researching the topic. Getting efficient implies earning more hourly.

The best way to write a good article is to choose a topic that you love. Content mills break down items in categories. Researching about something that interests you reduces the time you spend on it and also keeps you excited.

Another way is to choose topics that are slightly different but the same topic. With such, you can use the same research to write on all the issues. It also cuts down your research time, and you can deliver more.

 Another method you can use is when clients give batch orders, which are more of the same assignment. A writer can do three orders themselves. You can initial research and write three articles from it on that topic.

Step 3: Go after Direct Orders

At a content mill, you do not need to look for clients. Once you work for clients and give you a good rating, get in touch with them and build a rapport with them. It would be best if you stood out from other writers. If you create a good rapport with clients, they can order directly from you or even invite you to a team.

Step 4: Update Your Website

You are making money out of writing articles. You have researched many topics. Find a way to use that knowledge on getting content on your website. You can also rake in more earnings if you gain additional skills like social media marketing or SEO.

Mission Accomplished: 

You have seen ways that you can boost your earnings up to a specific range. Take the challenge and make a change in your earning. You can also double up these freelance jobs with other part-time work to increase your income stream. You can also try blogging and publishing during job transitions if you are passionate about writing.